How To Disappear Completely.

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The final, official home of my blog is at

Please follow me there.It’s my personal website complete with portfolios, bio and blog.

All posts from here on out will be on that. In fact, their is already a great post up there about the death of the single image.

Check it out, now!


Follow me on twitter (it’s why I rarely blog)

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I twitter constantly (5+ times a day). It has largely killed my blogging habits.That’s why im so quiet here. Check me out at

In the meantime, Ive started a little story on the paintball subculture. Needless to say, the lens took a hit.


Blood of my Blood

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This is Ethel and Hal Burton, better known as my Nana and Papa. I spent a three days with them a few weeks ago, and at 89 and 90, they still live in the woods of New Hampshire where they downhill ski, canoe and swim. Immigrants to Brooklyn from Newfoundland during the great depression, my Papa rode the trams everyday to the end of the line and would walk back asking every single store along the way for a job. By the time he retired, he was an internationally working nuclear engineer. They talk of remembering jumping on icebergs in St. John’s bay during childhood. Collectively, they raised a doctor,  a bank owner, and my Dad (three boys total). My name is what it is (the Harold in Harold Andrew Burton) because my father wanted to honor his own father, shown here. I hope I can live up to the standards they have set.

This is the blood of my blood, I could not be more proud to say that.








Ra Ra Riot

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Hometown heroes Ra Ra Riot played ‘cuse last night. They destroyed the Wescott theatre with a packed house. You know it’s something good when the entire band is singing along to songs, even when only the lead singer is mic-ed.





Reality Check.

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Sites opened on my tabs

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I wonder how much of myself I should open up to people, how much of myself their is to open up and who should get to see it. How do you represent and express yourself in the digital age? How much of yourself do you post on facebook, blogs, and twitter so that others can dig it up in 20 years? Well in a rare instance of sharing some thoughts, here is an excerpt of an email response I wrote to a good friend. Thanks for reading and keeping an open mind to it all.

“…Really glad to hear your spiritual side is also on the up and up. You know as Ive grown up a little bit more, removed myself from the Christian bubble a little bit, I’ve realized the importance in God in my life, outside of the standard Christian sin/savior views. It is a good thing to have a spiritual life, to recognize and nurture and support that. It’s a good thing to believe in a God and let that idea (of something, bigger, incomprehensible) humble you and keep you in your place. Regardless of a person’s religious views, It saddens me that our generation hates spirituality and religion so much. If you choose to not get involved with the judgement and the cliques and dogmatic aspects of it, It is a really beautiful, good thing in your life.

I am still a Christian and think that it is the “correct” religion, but I’m not going to be in the business of being a salesman and selling Christianity to people by “converting them.” It should be a personal decision they come to on their own, when their heart recognizes the wonder and grace of it. I still dont know if I’ve even totally done that. Something I wrestle with a lot is the concept of my own sin, what that is, why it is bad, why I should need a savior, and what a savior means. Really meaty topics that churches think people can understand in a 30 minute sermon, and that people should comprehend it so much that they’ll convert. Crazyness to me, crazyness. I think its a life long wrestle that people dumb down way too much. The beauty of it all is in the journey to discover it.”


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In Morocco.

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Eid al Adha, and a pool of goats blood.


Numb. Cold. Tired.

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Numb. Cold. Tired.